About lords and ladies life

Hi there!

Thanks for stopping in and taking a look at who we are. I can guarantee you that we have something for you from school to cooking to special needs.

What we have: Our goal here is to share our life with others so that you can learn from our mistakes, apply something “new” to your life, or just give you a good laugh!

A little about us: We are a homeschool family of 9. 7 kids, 5 girls and two boys. Plus our pets-two dogs, one cat, and two kittens.

Our focus: To spread God’s Word and love through our daily life and challenges. He is our main focus and if we ever stop making Him first, this blog will mean nothing but words.

I hope after hearing about us you will want to stay and keep coming back to glean some more and more. Thanks for stopping by and come back soon!

-lords and ladies life