IMG_1256Hi my name is Sadie and I have 6 siblings. We have 9 people in the house and it’s a lot of fun. My mommy has a business that is called Arbonne and she works at home. I like it and I am homeschooled. I get to do my school at home and I am happy. Me and my sister Aubrey love to play together. We have a lot of fun. We also have a trampoline and we have a lot of fun on it. I love to play with my siblings. We play family games which is a lot of fun. I love my family. They are nice to me and I like that. And they always look out for me. When I am sad they always cheer me up. I love that my family loves me. My mommy and I go on “special time” together – I love that! My sister Ellie, she is the eldest, she cooks dinner with Caroline and Georgia and it is always so yummy and it fills me up. I love my family!!!