IMG_1265Well, here we go!

This is our first blog post on lordsandladieslife. We’re starting a new adventure and I can’t wait!!!

I want to use this first post to explain our meaning for the name lordsandladieslife:

It started a long time ago when my mom had a blog for two years while we were in the process of adopting our two brothers. And over a lot of discussion, the name has once again been the title of our blog.

Lords- they represent the men in our family. They are the head of our household so therefore they are our lords. It also represents Our Lord, Jesus Christ. He is the head of everyone and we respectfully call him our Lord.

Ladies- they represent, well, the 6 GIRLS! Our duty is to be a lady in this house.  We are taught to cook, clean, do school, and have fun! With our wide range of ages, you will hear many different sides of the story. (;

Lords and Ladies Life- this is the life of the lords and ladies in the Fischer household who serve and “…love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind…” -Luke 10:27 

The team:

Bloggers-Everyone but the two boys….maybe one day!

InspirationThe trials and triumphs of the Fischer Family!

I hope this introduction lets you know a bit more about us and who we are!